Government’s first priority should be the safety of its citizens.  An effective public servant should be working to protect their right to raise their families in peace, according to their own values and convictions.  Government is supposed to use its power to safeguard the God-given rights, enshrined in our Constitution.  Has your current representation done that for you?  No.  Connect with us, join our campaign, and get out to the polls to show our failed politicians that

change is coming, and it's heading Streight For Cecil.



Each year Annapolis erodes public safety by passing bad legislation that hamstrings the police, emboldens criminals, and puts you at risk.  Law Enforcement is the unfortunate punch line in a bad joke in Annapolis.  "Back The Blue" is a convenient campaign slogan each time an election cycle comes along, but ask yourself, what has your current representation actually done to represent YOU and your interests in public safety?  Back The Blue isn't a campaign slogan for me.  It is literally my life.  I will fight relentlessly to educate legislators in Annapolis why this anti-police legislation is a horrendous mistake for the safety and security of Cecil County and Marylanders abroad.  I am confident I can fight this fight in Annapolis, because I have been fighting it here on YOUR streets for 23 years.  No other candidate has the experience I have defending you, your freedoms, and your safety.  


As your representative in Annapolis, I will fight for our children and their education.  As a father, I know the importance of a quality education for our children.  All three of my children have gone through the Cecil County public school system, with my youngest set to graduate in 2024.  A successful education system should help our children reach their full potential in life, support our values and input as parents, and support our children.  Annapolis has tried to take away those values and force a one size fits all education system.  Do you feel like your opinion can be effectively heard in our school system?  I will go to Annapolis and fight for your values, because they are my values too.  


Cecil County is uniquely situated between two major metropolitan areas.  It provides a unique opportunity for development, tourism, and families to establish long lasting family roots.  I will support the development of sensible and community beneficial projects for Cecil County.  A development needs to make sense for Cecil County, not just a favor or a tax break for a "big corporation" so the County and State can snag a few tax dollars.  We need to invest in our own here at home to keep Cecil County competitive, but still remain a quaint country county to raise a family.   


Cecil County is the beginning point for the largest and most beautiful estuary in the country.  No other state can claim the uniqueness that Maryland, and specifically Cecil County can.  The recreational, commercial, and infrastructure opportunities our Chesapeake Bay provides is instrumental in the success of Cecil County.  Unfortunately there is a silent killer looming just north of Port Deposit.  The Conowingo Dam is holding back tons upon tons of sediment that destroys wildlife habitat, pollutes, and blankets the bay with mud, silt, debris, and sediment.  For years your representatives have failed to come up with a solid plan to mitigate the issue.  They discuss if every few years, almost like it's a surprise it's still an issue, but quickly forget and move on to their other agendas.  I will not forget.  I know what the bay means to the economy here in Cecil County.  I will not let Annapolis forget this time.  A comprehensive plan needs to be developed and implemented once and for all to fix this issue.