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Government’s first priority should be the safety of its citizens.  An effective public servant should be working to protect their right to raise their families in peace, according to their own values and convictions.  Government is supposed to use its power to safeguard the God-given rights, enshrined in our Constitution.  Has your current representation done that for you?  No.  Connect with us, join our campaign, and get out to the polls to show our failed politicians that

change is coming, and it's heading Streight For Cecil.



As a Conservative, I believe in fiscal responsibility and limited government intervention. At the
same time, as a Law Enforcement leader, I also understand the importance of ensuring public
safety for the citizens of Cecil County. To achieve this, we must properly fund our sheriff's
office, emergency service paramedics, dispatchers, and volunteer fire departments.
What has been consistent throughout the current County Administration is that our Law
Enforcement Deputies have been between 10%-15% understaffed with our correctional deputies
being under 50% understaffed. The county’s negligence and apathy has led to high turnover,
predictably causing extreme safety concerns and limiting the ability of your police to respond to
emergency calls in a timely fashion and proactively provide the adequate public safety measures
your family deserves. Crime, fueled by drugs imported from China and the unsecured Mexican
border, threatens to turn Cecil County into Baltimore or Philadelphia. Yet our understaffed First
Responders are treated as Election Year afterthoughts, even though it is a basic Conservative
principle that Public Safety is essential to a free and ordered society. By fully funding our
sheriff's office, we can ensure that our communities are safe and protected from crime.
Additionally, our emergency service paramedics and dispatchers, also severely understaffed, are
crucial to responding quickly in life-threatening situations. They need to be trained, equipped,
and properly compensated to ensure that they are always available to protect us when we need
them the most. Moreover, volunteer fire departments require support to maintain their services
24/7. Providing them with adequate resources such as training programs, equipment
maintenance, and community outreach programs will enable them to continue their valuable
work in protecting our communities.
As an active police officer who has served you for almost 25 years, I appreciate more that most
the grit and personal sacrifice our First Responders bring to their job in unfavorable and
dangerous circumstances. BACK THE BLUE is not an empty campaign slogan for me, it is my
life. Fully committing to our sheriff's office, emergency service paramedics and dispatchers, and
volunteer firefighters allows us to remain committed to ensuring public safety while being
financially responsible.

The Second Amendment is an essential part of the United States Constitution, granting
Americans the right to bear arms. It is a guarantee of individual defense and protection against
tyranny, ensuring that the government cannot take away the citizens natural right to defend
themselves and their family. As a result, the Second Amendment is a crucial component of
American freedom and democracy, embedding the right to bear arms in our country'
s fabric that
has existed for centuries.
Moreover, the Second Amendment is also crucial to national security. The right to bear arms
means that citizens have the power to protect themselves and their communities, especially when
the government cannot always provide adequate protection due to budget constraints, lack of
resources, or emergency situations. The ability to arm themselves gives Americans the power to
come together and form their defense and protect against violent criminals or a foreign invasion
if ever necessary.
Finally, the Second Amendment is also important for recreational activities as hunting, sport
shooting, or personal collections, which have longstanding traditions in American history.
I have proudly defended our Constitutional rights for well over two decades as a Cecil County
Law Enforcement Officer and will continue to safeguard them as your next County Executive. A
STREIGHT Administration will make it crystal clear to the rest of Maryland that Cecil County
should be considered a 2A Sanctuary County, a BEACON of FREEDOM to all Patriotic
Marylanders, despite any UNCONSTITUTIONAL gun-grab attempted by the Radical-Left
Democrats in General Assembly.
As Conservatives, we know that to ensure transparency and accountability in county
government, it is critical to establish clear and concise policies and regulations that provide
citizens with an understanding of how decisions are made, and tax dollars are spent. This
includes creating comprehensive financial reports and making them readily available to the
public, as well as holding regular town hall style meetings and other community engagement
initiatives that allow citizens to voice concerns and provide feedback on county operations.
The frustration from those dealing with the Cecil County bureaucracy is palpable, as there
continues to be unnecessary time, expense, and aggravation in addressing the needs of
constituents and those doing business with Cecil County. I want you to know that I hear you and
under a STREIGHT Administration, county government will work to help you, not add to your
Those wishing to lead must return to the Conservative principle that Cecil County government
must be responsive to citizens and taxpayers, putting their needs and concerns at the forefront of
policy decisions and service delivery. This requires a focus on responsible spending and fiscal
management, as well as a willingness to innovate and embrace new technologies and approaches
that can improve efficiency and effectiveness. By staying focused on these priorities, a
STREIGHT Administration will ensure that county government is working for the people,
providing them with the services and support they need to thrive and prosper in their
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