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Thank you for taking your valuable time to get to know me.
- Adam

It's time for a change.  Failed politics and bad policies are crushing our American Dream.
Change is coming, and it's heading Streight For Cecil

My name is Adam Streight.  I am a proud Cecil County resident, 23 year law enforcement officer, father, husband, and a lifelong Republican.  I am running for MD State Delegate, District 35B, to represent YOU in Annapolis.  I have strong ties to our community, public safety, and emergency services.  My background provides a unique skill set to effectively represent Cecil County District 35B.  I know the issues affecting your livelihood because I live them with you every day.  I am not a ready made politician.  I am a real as it gets, matter of fact person who won't play the "political game" when it goes against the interests of our values.  If you believe in less government intrusion, increased public safety, increased support for emergency services, and the fundamental value of pursuing the American Dream, I ask you to connect with me, support our campaign, and get out to the polls to show our failed politicians that change is coming, and it's heading Streight For Cecil.

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